Learn Easy Ways to Play the Violin Well

Learn Easy Ways to Play the Violin Well – As many of us know that nowadays there are more and more people who are happy to be able to benefit from playing musical instruments which will have a good impact on themselves in the future.

The violin is music that is shaped almost the same as the guitar, the difference is that to play the violin you must use a bow in order to sound with strings. The violin is played by swiping.

If you want to learn to play the violin. There are several important things you need to pay attention to. Well, this article will discuss more about how to play the violin for beginners which is easy to do.

Learn Easy Ways to Play the Violin Well

Tutorial How to Play the Violin
The violin is played by swiping. Quoted from the book Instant Tricks to Play the Violin Self-taught written by Nando Veron (2014: 60), the following are easy violin playing:

1. Tighten the bow
The hair (fur) on the bow is usually left limp when not in use. This is because you ev-peinture have to tighten it first before using it.
Do not use your little finger to measure, because the natural oils on the skin of the finger can transfer to the hair of the bow.

2. Rub the hair bow with rosin (resin)
Rosin usually consists of two types, namely dark and bright. Rubbing the bow hair with rosin can make the bow hair a little sticky and can grip the violin strings when rubbed.
Rub the bow hair with rosin gently from end to end.

3. Tune the violin strings
You need to tune the strings of the violin to produce the correct and appropriate notes. The order of notes on the strings from lowest to highest is G-D-A-E.
You can use an electric tuner or a tone whistle to help tune the violin strings.

4. How to hold the bow (stick friction)
Place the middle of the index finger on the handle of the stick (on the slightly soft part) and the thumb to hold it in the opposite direction, while the position of the middle finger until the circumference is aligned with the index finger and the position of the little finger is slightly curved.
Hold the bow relaxed so that it is slightly flexible when used to swipe the violin strings.

5. How to hold the violin
Stand or sit with your back straight. Hold the neck of the violin with your left hand and place the butt of the violin against your shoulder blades and pressed against your neck.
Clamp the violin with your jawbone (not your chinbone). Its function is so that the position of the violin can be stable and not slipping.

6. Perfect your hand position

7. Start learning to swipe the violin strings